BW Stormtrooper Scrub Hat

The Scrub Hat Studio

$ 16.00

Black and white stormtrooper with elastic backing for ponytail, adjustable front folding band, and red paisley ribbon ties. 

Available in 5 Styles:

Women Tie Back- as described above

Pixi - A chic euro style with cloth ties and no ponytail pouch. For short hair/smaller noggins :)

Mens Tie Back - Our new No Gap Comfort Fit mens tie back hat with cloth ties 

Bouffant - Traditional bouffant style but so much better. Adjustable elastic ensures a comfy fit all day. Pleated tapered front band feels good over or behind the ears

*NEW* Satin-Lined Bouffant - Includes a satin lining for ultimate hair protection. Cotton cloth can be damaging to our lovely curly locks- protect your hair with satin. 

*COMING SOON* Satin-Lined Tie Back - Its the tie back fit we all love with a soft satin lining. Features a flat, non folding front band, ponytail pouch, and ribbon ties. 

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