The Studio ✌️

Hi everyone and welcome! Thank you for stopping by :)

Some facts about me:

1.) I am a Scrub Tech specialized in Nuero, Ortho Spine, & Opthalmology, and am currently working towards my degree.

2.) I have been making scrub hats since 2009 and decided to "go public" in March 2015 so I've recently celebrated my 2 year mark! Woohoo!

3.) I make all my own patterns, I've tweaked each style to be as versatile as it can be and do address most "hat problems" we tend to have in mass produced products.

       *My mens hats are more conforming to the head.

       *My Tie Back hats can be tied above or below the ponytail - most ponytail hats out           there can only be worn one way.  

        *My Satin Lined Bouffants are designed to be more protective of curly hair, less frizz, less breakage, since we do wear them like aaalllll day! You curly haired gals (including me) know this! :)

4.) I enjoy designing fabrics that are exclusive to my hats. There's just something about owning something unique that nobody else has. 

5.) I am a "one woman show"- which means I do all purchasing, designing, cutting, sewing, photographing, editing, marketing, and website maintenance. Whew!! 

6.) I love hearing feedback from my customers, good or bad, hit me with it! I share customer experiences on my Facebook and Instagram pages, so please please let me know what you think.  Tag @scrubhatstudio .....and......go!