About Custom Orders

Yes! I do custom orders. If you have a fabric print you don't see in the store, let us know! 

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If you have some fabric and would like a hat made:

Tie Back, Mens, Bouffant (regular)  - $8 each - That includes labor, thread, elastic, cord locks, ribbon. Although I have many many colors,you can send your own ribbon if you like :)

Satin Lined Bouffant - $15 each - This includes the satin lining, labor, elastic. You can mix and match fabrics for the band, just make sure I know what you want made. 

So here's the process -> contact me and let me know you will be sending fabric so I can be looking for it.  Keep your tracking info!! 

Once I receive it I will let you know, and double check what exactly you want made. Custom orders are usually completed in 1 day (except weekends). 

I will email you an invoice, given I have mailing info, etc. that can be paid via CC or PayPal. 


Contact Info:

Scrub Hat Studio

5515 Timber Bark

San Antonio, TX 78250


email: scrubhatstudio@gmail.com

Instagram: @scrubhatstudio

Facebook: ScrubHatStudio

Twitter: @scrubhat



Machine wash cold. For best results use a phosphate free detergent. Machine dry on low. All scrub hats are made with 100%cotton/ultra cotton.